Pravasi Award for outstanding research in foreign countries by the Chief Minister, Govt. of Kerala.
    National award (2006) of JC International for outstanding young personality
    Best Researcher Award in unique areas by Teachers awarded by the Chief Minister, Govt. of Kerala.
    Rotary Award and Certificate for outstanding research on Falcons by Rotary Club of Kerala.
    Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit by Tirur Sauhruda Vedi, Tirur, Kerala.
    Best Teacher Award by K.H.S.T.A. Kerala State Committee.
    Young Scientist Award by ALUMNI of P.S.M.O.College Tirurangadi, Kerala.
    Award of Merit by M.S.S. Kerala State Committee.
    Award for first Indian Ph D holder on falcons by Ahamed Kurikkal Smaraka Vayana Sala, Thalakadathur, Kerala.
    Award for Research Degree on falcons, the favorite pets of Arabs by S.Y.S State Committee, Kerala.
    Award for excellent performance as a Teacher by the students of B.Y.K.V.H.S.S. Valavannur, Kerala.
    JC International Zonal award (2006) for outstanding young personality by Shri. M.T. Vasudevan Nair at Tirur Townhall.


    • First and the only Asian to get a Doctorate on the study of Falcons.
    • First and only individual who recorded and made SONOGRAM of 15 different vocalizations of various species of Falcons.
    • First Non-Arab to get a Membership in Emirates Falconers Club, who organizes the ARAB INTERNATIONAL HUNTING SHOW every year in UAE,
    • First and only individual in the World to get a Doctorate in the study of Falcons in the topic “Biology and Behaviour (Feeding, Breeding, Health and Healthcare, Plumage, Pterylosis, Moulting, Falconry, Management, Vocalization, Roosting etc.) of Falcons with Emphasis on Breeding and Healthcare in Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus”. Falcons, being endangered and royal birds, cost more than one Crore Rupees for a single species. The Ruler of Dubai himself spends around 15 Million Dirhams every year to purchase falcons from Germany, U.K etc. Only few experts are there in the entire World who are specialized in the study of Falcons which is a necessity of the era. His book in English and Arabic is selected as the Reference Text for University students in the Middle East.


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